Le Verger des Hespérides

vous souhaite de belles fêtes de fin d'année

ainsi qu'une excellente année 2022

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Prix : 25,0 €

Situation : Nouveauté

Author : Elisa VILLEBRUN

Illustrator : Victorine Schwebach

Isbn : 978-2-36587-434-2

Public : Junior Format : A5 Pages : 534

Yamay 4, Irehca ghost

Natan is worried. There is Hannah who runs away from him and, at home, his mother, the queen of Cnalb who keeps him away from everything with just one word in her mouth: pass your exam of imagami! On her side, it is very hard for Hannah who has betrayed in some way her father. She revovores more and more what is very dangerous and can make her stuck in her reviver. Where is the third piece of the belt coveted by the king Rion? Is it with Irehca ghost who swallows the children? Natan and Hannah will have to be very courageous to be able to face numerous challenges in this new adventure full of suspense.