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Prix : 20,0 €

Situation : Nouveauté

Author : Amélie MANET

Illustrator : Cyrille BREGERE

Isbn : 978-2-36587'455-7

Public : Junior Format : A5 Pages : 288

Granny at the foot of the guillotine

This year, Lady’s Fleurbon classroom is very lucky. She is going to be part of the first school time travel organized by the famous Ventura Factory: a four-day travel in the heart of the Revolutionary Paris, exactly at the time of Louis XVI ‘s conviction! But what strange mystery surrounds this travel? Who wrote this letter dated from the XVIII century and what is hidden behind? Who is Josette Ventura, the fearless Elliot’s Granny? What is she doing in the midst of this story? For Elliot and Sybille, two of the chosen school children for the travel, there is not a minute to be lost. The situation is serious: the investigation must be undertaken.