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Author : Claire Le Michel

Isbn : 9782365874922

Public : Junior Format : A5 Pages : 254

The mysterious Journal of Mr Carbon crow

Invitation to travel I’m a poet and I travel. No, that’s not it... I wander. I’m a gold-seeker looking for nuggets hidden in the folds of life. I roam the world searching for earthly clues that attest to the presence of the marvellous. During one expedition, I found a manuscript... in the street... it seemed to have been waiting for me for an eternity. I was amazed to find a text in French so far from my country. But looking up, I saw that I was in front of an Alliance Française office... “That probably explains it,” I thought. At the time, I needed to find a logic behind events. I am much changed since. This text changed me. I do wonder why I didn’t go through the door of the Alliance Française and hand in the manuscript. Its author had signed it Carbon Crow. A strange name... A penname? Time passed and despite my desire and my research, I could never find Mr Crow. Nonetheless, I decided to share this story which had intrigued me a great deal. It is now for you to discover. Claire Le Michel