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Prix : 14,0 €

Situation : Nouveauté

Author : Mip Ruberto Sanquer

Illustrator : Katia Humbert

Isbn : 978-2-36587-446-5

Public : Junior Format : A5 Pages : 130

The strange house

A young boy facing numerous anxiety attacks lives in Montmartre in a strange House with 3 quite singular tenants. Because his parents are always absent, his grandmother takes care of him. One day, a mysterious guy with a bowler hat knocks at the door and the grandmother accepts to house him even if she has declared to not take a fourth tenant. With the arrival of this strange character, very weird things happen in the House. Why is the guy never hatless? What does he hide beneath his hat? The boy decides to investigate at all costs. He will discover a family secret: it seems that his mother and his grandmother are... Sorry, to know this, you will have to read the book!