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Author : Michèle SIMONSEN

Illustrator : Minna YU

Isbn : 978-2-36587-457-1

Public : Family audience Format : A5 Pages : 252

Nordic Tales, Stories to be told when looking at the falling snow

Why and how a cow has landed on a roof? Could you explain how a cooking pot has been able to rescue a family only by rolling? Why is the sea water salted? By what miracle a young lady has managed to be exempted of spinning wool for the rest of her life? How is it that the bear becomes defeated by the fox at every encounter? Why the Mistress of Sea has decided to punish men by making all fishes and seals disappear from the ocean? Concerning your answers, please allow us to doubt! You certainly do not have all answers to those extremely philanthropic questions. Well, do not hesitate any longer and begin to read these tales right now!