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Prix : 16,0 €

Situation : Nouveauté

Author : Ginou JUSSEL

Illustrator : Katia Humbert

Isbn : 978-2-36587-370-3

Public : Junior Format : A5 Pages : 174

What a mess in the box

Benjamin and Appoline discover a strange briefcase in their grandparents' attic. From this box arise kings, queens, dices and many colored pawns which have only one idea in mind: to have fun. As soon as the kids leave the attic, all the game characters decide to play. They are all completely unleashed, for some start to fight but nothing happens as planned. Don't hesitate! Follow them in their very funny adventures. We bet that at the end of the book, you will have only one desire: just playing with them. Because they will surely manage to convince you that playing with them is much more funnier than playing on a screen!